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10521 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 4K1, Canada

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    Jenna Mawdsley
    May 07, 2022

    Out of all of the anytime fitness in Edmonton the Kingsway location is my absolute favourite. I go to this gym every day and feel so welcome. The gym is always clean the equipment is always where it needs to be and I always have a great experience here! Would recommend this gym to everyone :)

    Tammy Obrien
    August 09, 2022

    Called last month was going to do the 7 day free trial, now at the time the guy (unknown name) said call back in 2 weeks (after work) long story, anyhow I applied for the 7 day free trial today and was told that this location is not going to honor it and that I'm only allowed a one day trial. So right there I'm frustrated but decided to check it out as there's not much for gyms in the area, so I arrive the guy was like this is here this is there, let's just say it's super small/everything is crammed together there's only 2 washrooms. Overall I wasn't impressed. Decided to do the stadium. Learn to honor your trials, very unprofessional. Just my opinion though.

    Wes Mckeen
    May 23, 2022

    Not impressed with the “tour” I had today. The person that came to the door didn’t introduce himself at all. I maybe caught half a sentence here and there because he was to quite with the music be loud. He also rushed the tour didn’t quite explain each section with any sort of confidence. Over all he did not inspire confidence of any sort. Also he definitely did not show any sort of sale experience. When I asked him how often the two shower rooms are cleaned he replied with I don’t know. Not something that anyone what’s to hear. Honestly I like the idea of the 24 hr service big selling point on its own. How ever the gentleman that was on today did not show any sense of urgency or any sort of motivation. While speaking with him I felt he was only there to collect a pay cheque.

    Sarah Hannah
    August 24, 2022

    I joined this gym Nov 2021. I am utterly frustrated and discouraged 10 months later as I have made no progress whatsoever. When I joined I was promised 2 sessions with a trainer to set goals and a workout plan. Once I paid I was told they don't have trainers but are trying to hire. I have since asked over and over again for these sessions but they never happen. If all you want is a few pieces of equipment then you may be happy here but don't expect any help. All they give you is an app with exercises to choose from. That information can be accessed for free on the internet. Don't bother responding with "email us here . .." because I have to no avail.

    Bruce Thomas
    July 23, 2022

    Great facility and location, tons of space to share. Four squat racks, a dead lift pad, and all machines you could need plus benches, yoga areas, and two heavy bags. Biggest and only problem with the location is the lack of respect and etiquette from other patrons. Every time I go in to exercise at night there is at least one area, if not more that has weights left unracked. Squat racks and dead lift bars with plates still on them, dumbbells left sitting beside benches, or sanitisers and cloths left at stations. Please, if you come to this gym help to change the "gym culture" here to be positive and care about the person who comes along after you.

    Anytime Fitness

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    10521 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 4K1, Canada
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