Edmonton Shop Local 2021 – 10 Reasons why to Shop Local Edmonton

1July 2021

Edmonton shop local 2021

 Edmonton shop local 2021 business?

One way to ensure that your money goes towards supporting a local company is to buy from them. According to data compiled in the 2012 “Global Brands Index,” consumers who bought products from companies they knew were more likely to buy from those brands again in the future; 70% of respondents said their buying habits had changed since they first discovered the local business.

While you might be tempted to support the large corporation, each purchase actually plays a crucial role in helping the local economy. “Local businesses are what drive small changes in communities,” stated a survey that was conducted by the First National Bank of Pennsylvania. “Without them, communities would not thrive and grow at the same rate as they presently do.”

Building trust is crucial to supporting your Edmonton shop local 2021 business. If you see that a company’s products or services are good for you and good for those around you, your loyalty will more than likely increase.

shop local edmonton

10 Reasons why you should shop local 2021 businesses in your community:

1. Take pride in what you buy. The products that come from your local business have a story behind them, and sometimes that story is more interesting than the product itself. With such an extensive variety of products available in stores, it’s hard to find a good one; however, when buying from a local company, it’s much easier to find something that’s better than ones found on other retail shelves.

2. Support your local economy. A majority of consumers feel that supporting local businesses is more beneficial to their community than patronizing big corporations, according to the Michigan State University. Research done during the 1970s found that stores with a high percentage of local customers had higher sales than stores that were heavily dependent upon national chains and other large corporations. By choosing to shop at smaller, locally-owned businesses, you’re encouraging them to expand their business and hire more employees, which increases jobs in your community.

3. Buy a better product. Retail stores typically have a variety of products, but what’s available is usually the same for everyone. Trying to find the best one can be time-consuming because there is little difference between two similar products. Choosing to buy from your community business will help you avoid this scenario by offering superior products that are made by humans not machines.

4. Support sustainable business practices. According to the Harvard Business Review Blog, in the early 1990s large corporations began focusing on environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices. This led to the development of products that were more often manufactured locally. In return, community-focused companies began posting signs, selling organic food, and were more responsive to those who live in their neighborhood.

5. Provide a better shopping experience. When you shop from a local business, you can expect to find more personalized attention. The store will put more effort into helping you choose the right product as opposed to focusing on increasing sales.

6. Edmonton shop local 2021 when you travel. When it comes to buying souvenirs and souvenirs of the moment, traveling definitely puts companies at a disadvantage because every place becomes a souvenir destination. However, when you shop local products you can maintain your vacation memories with something that’s personally unique to the location.

7. Support your local artists. Many creative pieces are created by artists who live in or near the city in which they work. Their work is often best appreciated by those who know and live in the area because local residents have a better understanding of what their art represents.

8. Pick a business that suits your needs. While department stores have everything you could possibly want, they do not have everything that you need. With the local businesses located in an area you can choose to support a business that offers the specific products and services, you are looking for.

9. Listen to the stories of prosperity. According to the USDA Economic Research Service, for every dollar spent at a locally-owned business, $2 is returned to the community while only $0.40 is returned for every dollar spent at a chain store locally owned grocery retailers.

10. Help small businesses grow. According to the Penn State study, the more local a business is, the higher its per capita income. A close look at the profits received by municipalities that are supported by local businesses shows they consistently receive more money than those that rely on large corporations for their revenues.

Now that you know why you should support Edmonton shop local 2021

Shop Local Edmonton Blog July 1st 2021

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